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We are an Independent Record Company

Our own label is Kufe Records specialising in Sixties & Modern R & B, Reggae, Soca and Country Music.

We also represent

DVS Records, for pure Reggae/Lovers.
NVS Records, for R & B, Soul, Garage, Euro, House, and Jazz Funk.
INK & Pen Records. Where anything goes.
Lucky Thirteen Records, which is strictly The SUS Band.
PPD Productions & Publishing, helping new talent to get that deal!


New release from Sly Augustus titled; Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart. On Kufe records only, Monday 1st of July.

Donna Hinds, “Can’t Stay Away From You“, will be released on All major download sites from the 9th July. Also available from

Alex Watson’s single titled. “Disparate“, is available from the Kufe records site, and All major download sites.

Tapestry, is the title of the new album by Sparkie Melody. Watch this space.

Words Are Impossible by Sophia J, is also available from All major download platforms, and

Momo-Watt’s  single titled “A New Day” is still available for download at, and

Promise Me“, by Donna Hinds, is available on the www web. From All major download sites and Kufe records.

New album from Momo-Watt. Sparkie Melody, and instrumental single from Lindel Lewis. All will be available in the coming months.

All these songs and more, are available from the kufe records site.

Featured products

2nd July 2024

Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart by Sly Augustus

Sly says. "Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart, is a song I've loved for a very long time. We wanted to give this track a really smooth  and nice flowing…
8th June 2024

Can’t Stay Away From You by Donna Hinds

Another work of art by Donna Hinds, exercising her tunefulness and expressive vocals, with a sweet rendition of, "Can't Stay Away From You". written by Gloria Estafan. Musical credits to…
3rd April 2024

Tapestry by Sparkie Melody

Tapestry is the title of the new single by Sparkie Melody. It's available for download from all major sites.