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We are an Independent Record Company

Our own label is Kufe Records specialising in Sixties & Modern R & B, Reggae, Soca and Country Music.

We also represent

DVS Records for pure Reggae
NVS Records for Modern R & B, Garage, Euro and House INK
INK Records Where anything goes
Lucky Thirteen Records which is strictly The SUS Band
PPD Productions & Publishing helping new talent get that deal!#


KUFE RECORDS WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU ALL, FOR YOUR CUSTOM in 2020. WE had 6 No,1’s, and Record Of The year, by Momo-Watt. titled “A Change Is Gonna Come”.

Ashallee Sommers single That’s How We Live Our Lives“, is now at No 3. in the Stevie J music chats. Available for download from the Kufe Records website and all download sites.

The Lindel Lewis single from his album, “The Challenger” titled, “What’s On Your Mind Girl”, has moved up two places from 7 to No 7, in the Stevie J charts .

The EP titled “Love Songs”, from the Legendary Jimmy James and Myrna Hague, is now released. Checkout, kuferecords.com.

The Dub album titled “Science V Physics” is available from All download platforms, inc Kufe Records.

Watch out for the Kufe sale from the 8th of December. Cut price on Everything.

Helen Rogers single titled, “It’s Too Late”, a recent No.1 on the Stevie J Charts is still available for download.

Kenya Wilson’s “Feels Right (Loving you baby)” also a recent double  No 1, is available for download.

Check out www.momo-watt.com for all his albums and singles, including his latest album titled, “Obsession”.  You can still purchase from the Kufe Records site.

All singles and albums are available to download on the Kufe Records website and all major download sites.

The  Ep from Ashallee Sommers titled, “The Beats Are Calling” is scheduled for release on December the 15th.

Featured products

16th November 2021

Love Songs – Myrna Hague & Jimmy James

27th October 2021

What’s On Your Mind Girl By Lindel Lewis

Another single taken from his  "Challenger" album. This one's titled, "What's On Your Mind Girl" !!!
9th September 2021

Science V Physics – Inna Dub

Science V Physics - Inna Dub is an album  by Lindel Lewis, playing about with knobs and fader and effects on his mixing desk. Some song are live, some are…