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27/07/2021. New Releases. Watch This Space. New Releases.

By 10th August 2020July 27th, 2021No Comments

Out Now.

Trevor (Woman of moods) Dixon, single titled “People Like You”, is now at the No.2 position in the Stevie J Charts,  It is also available from the Kufe records site, and all download sites.

Lindel Lewis, single, taken from the album The Challenger, titled “Mama Edna“. Is now at the No. 3 position in the Stevie J charts. The album and single are available from the kufe records site.

Kenya Wilson’s “Feels Right (Loving you baby)” is re-circulating once again for the summer. and available from the kufe records site, and all major download sites.

Momo-Watt.  The new album, titled “Obsession”. is getting great reviews all around the globe. There are 18 songs on the album for an amazing price of £11.90. That’s .70p a download for 17 songs, plus a bonus track for free. You can pre listen and purchase on the kufe records site, as well as ALL major download sites.

Momo-Watt, has released a single from his album “Obsession“. Titled. “They’re Listening Now“. Check out this site.

New single from Helen Roger  titled, “It’s Too Late”, is schedule for release 3rd August.

A new release from Ashalee Sommers, will be available soon.

Momo-Watt. “I Give You Love”, a former No. 1, in the Stevie J music charts. Is available from the kufe records site and All major download sites.

Blacksteel and Helen Rogers No. 1 single titled, “You Are My Love”, Is available on the Kufe records site, and all major outlets.

Alex Watson’s No. 1 single titled, “Judgement Day”. Is also available from this site and All major download sites.

A freebee from Lindel Lewis, titled, “Cul-de-sac (The end of the road“) is available as a free download, only from

A tribute album from The Legendary, Mr Jimmy James, is schedule for release soon.

The Blackstones, Jimmy James, Johnny Olando, Asher Triumphant, Eugene Paul, Pingwing, Rockie Campbell, Ray Carless, are recording tracks in the studio with Lindel Lewis.